Wednesday, February 22, 2006


No tämä on taas tätä digiluudigilei-juttua mutta kun tuli naputeltua töiden lomassa tuonne eräällekin foorumille taas näistä, niin ajattelin että eipä anneta mennä ihan hukkaan pelkästään siinä threadissä.

To Wayne: You said "Who needs(wants?) a crop-sensor?"

I say "Who needs a fullframe one?"
The wideangle-options available for Canon (or Nikon for that matter) are actually better on the cropped sensors. The vignetting on the FF-Canons is nothing short of unacceptable, especially for Leica-minded people. And the fact that Canon hasn't got any decent wideangles for the FF-sensors. Nikon, Sigma and Canon have got offerings starting from 10mm for the APS-size. How many times an average photographer has used a lens WIDER than 15mm? Not very many.

If it's easier to manufacture lenses and sensors for the cropped (APS)-size, why on earth wouldn't we?
The image quality is pretty much good enough, as demonstrated by the Nikon D2x and Canon's 30D and 20D.
Not to mention the nearly-prohibitive costs of manufacturing a larger CCD/CMOS, and the problems arising from the larger file-sizes, their transfer and processing, both in-camera and out.

I think Canon knows this also, and the announcement made yesterday (17-55 f/2.8 EF-S IS, the crop-replacement for the bread-and-butter pro-lens of 28-70mm f/2.8) speaks volumes about their so-called "drive for FF".

And the 135-size isn't really the holy grail at all. If you don't mind a "small" increase in camera size, why don't you wish for a Canon 1DS with a 6x4.5cm sensor? It's a lot better than puny 24x36mm-sensor.

The lenses have always varied, from 8x10" to 4x5" to 120film to 35mm, just like they do now, 30mm f 1.4 doesn't cover the bigger sensor, but neither did the 80mm Planar on that Hasselblad do any better on the Sinar. Maybe the next logical step for this would actually be the 1.x-times crop of 135.

Now, if they only sort out the viewfinders... But then again, the view through an early SLR must have been quite a shock to photogs used to the Speedgraphic or 4x5" view-cameras. Or even an MF-TLR.

Ja sama suomeksi. Lopettakaa jo nyt saatana se täydenkoonkennosta itkeminen. Apsikokoinen croppisensori on seuraava kinofilmi, aivan kuten curling on uusi mäkihyppy.

(Tulihan se pakollinen curlingi-viittauskin. ;D)

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