Thursday, December 02, 2010

-29: Merry man of Sherwood

Thursday is archery-night for me. Every other thursday I have to open and close the range, so I have to go at least then. I try to go every thursday, and I would like to go twice a week. But after Masi was born, that hasn't been really possible.

Got a new klicker, that black thing that says "Beiter". Took it off today, and shot much better.

The thing about archery is that it's so damn hard. Simple, easy yesyes, but get down into it, and it's difficult as hell. This is the sight. Real men don't use sights, they shoot instinctively.

New arrows last week. Well, not NEWnew, used, but new to me. Threw my whole shooting upside down. Struggled to get 210 out of 300 today. But it looks promising, now there are (mostly) only my mistakes left, the previous shit-arrows that I had introduced their own, mystical misses also.

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