Saturday, November 27, 2010

-37: A light snack to end my days with.

Wellwell. Couldn't decide again which one to go with, so put up both. I kind of like the "stripy water"-shots that I've been doing for a while now, but I'm not sure anyone else does... So a semi-funny one about the local "culture-hotel". I love how the camera corrects the distortions that I know the lens MUST be making. All the lines are pretty straight.

Also ran out of Twizzlers today. I had these normal ones, and then some lovely cherry-flavored ones. The cherry rocked, but the basic version wasn't half bad either.

I had been wondering about Twizzlers for a while now, as they haven't been available in Finland previously, and they are mentioned quite often in All Things American, lately a lot in "Warehouse 13". So of course when I bumped into them at Behnford's, I had to buy a fistful. And now I know.

What about the snack of the end-of-days that got mentioned at the top? Tonight it started with the fresh bread that I made earlier today. Sprinkle with olive oil, cut some chevre, and top it with fresh thyme, and into the oven. When the cheese has melted, take them out. The Most Important Ingredient is the honey that you lather on top of the cheese. Makes the whole deal come alive, it does!
Also made earlier the beets on the left, normal, basic whole beets in vinegar, cut up smaller, lots of garlic, some dried thyme (do I sense a pattern here?), olive oil. Into a jar, lid on, shake, do not stir. Goes in the fridge for a few hours, although rather good straight away too.
Visible in the back is some wannabe-Parma ham, Spanish it might have been. Don't really like them anymore, although this one wasn't as awful as most of them are. At least it was soft enough so I didn't have to stuff the whole slice into my mouth at once. The Darling Wife (and everyone else, apart from the Darling Wifes' Mother) loves it though, so I pleased her and ate a slice. 

Yummy goodness. 
And there you go, another day of active blogging gone by.


lauranen said...

Hei Mikko, mitenkäs järjestyisi tosta raidallisesta vedestä isokokoinen printti? Oon jo jonkin aikaa etsinyt musta-harmaa-keltaista kuvaa seinälle, eikä ole näin ihanaa vielä tullut vastaan.

Mikko J. Kalavainen said...

Järjetyisihän se, mie laitan mesitsii siulle. :D