Monday, November 29, 2010

-34: Colder than yesterday

Victims of memory?
So we went to Masis' Godmother's house today, the girls had a "Let's make a dress"-kind of day, so I mostly got stuck with the kids. Which is okay, I guess, since I am on the daddyvacation.

I wanted to make a fire and grill some sausages, but it turned out that the fireplace was in so deep snow that I couldn't be bothered to get a shovel and dig it out.

The sun started setting quite fabulously, and I got that.

Sea of... shadows and snow?

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Minna said...

Nyt on ihanaa valoa kun paistaa. Eilen just harmittelin, ettei ollu kamera mukana, kun varjot vaelsi ihan pitkin maata. Kaunis tuo alempi kuva.