Sunday, November 28, 2010

-35: A Slow, Cold Day

Wow. Today was a LONG day. Up before 6 o'clock, with a cranky baby. All sorts of action, and I even got around to taking a 90-minute walk with Masi in the afternoon. Took some bad pictures, here's one that's less crap than the others.

-17C is quite enough for me. At least it wasn't windy.
My place. Right there.
On a cold day like this, this is as good as it gets for me as far as places go. My corner of the sofa, with my reading-lamp. Missing is my pillow and the Worlds Best Patchwork Quilt that Iri made for me years ago. It's blue(ish), very large, very soft and very cozy. I could most likely live in any shithole of this world if I had that blanket with me. I'll show it to you someday.

I've been pondering about rules for this project. Some people go with "only one picture per day", some say it's okay to post more than one, some say it's okay to post a picture from some other day, as long as it's from the correct time-frame, i.e. taken since the beginning of the project and so on...
I think limiting myself to just one pic per day is not... fun. This is supposed to be fun. Sure, there's going to be a "THE" picture of the day, but if I have something nice to show, why couldn't I? Or shouldn't?
Shit, it's MY 365, so MY RULES. I post what I want, when I want. Almost.

We've been planning the Berlin-trip for most of the night, going over maps and old notes. I realized that I really don't have a lot that I definitely want to do, C/O Berlin of course, but in addition to that, it's all bonus. I'm going to see the city. To look at it. Take pictures of it. To feel it, Feel Berlin, as they say. And   I'm all in flames over it all. Sure, I want to buy the coffee mugs and the grocery bag from KaDeWe, but after that... Just follow the others, and not follow them when it feels like it. 

Well, less than two weeks to go. I can wait. 

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