Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Leijun / Floating

Oh my. Japan Camera Hunter actually posted my sorry-ass bagshot, and on number 365 no less! I giggled like a little girl and danced a tiny, small dance of victory with my morning coffee in one hand and the iPad in the other.
Can you imagine? I hope not, for it was a sad display of geekdom.

All jokes aside, this was a fun experience - so hi to all of you who come this way via JCH. As I warned, this blog is mainly in Finnish, unless I suddenly get a deluge of comments demanding otherwise. As with every blog, this one also thrives on the comments, and if there aren't any, well...

(EDIT: OH WOW look how that map-thing is already lit up with faraway countries!!! o.O Readers from Japan, Canada, Singapore, the US, Australia... HI TO ALL OF YOU!)

SO, let's finish this one in english too.

The sad news is that the GF1 seems to be very slightly broken. It's having focusing issues, everything seems to be more or less (and sometimes a LOT more) front-sharp. Add this to the fiasco that was the previous wintertrip to Berlin (which MAY have been the cards fault also though), I don't really have too much trust in the old boy.

Which is why I've been eyeing this: Sony NEX-6. It ticks all the boxes, a good sensor, a good VF and it's got some buttons. If only they had a lens for it too. But that 35mm is still "Coming soon", so I don't know... I'm looking forward to visiting the Sony Center in Berlin in two weeks' time, to fondle this and the a99 and the RX1.

Anyhoo, a few new pics, and some words, that's exactly what this is about.

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Eko said...

Hei vaan...
Katselin kuviasi vähän 'sillä-silmällä'...!
Ammatti-kuvausta kaikkiaan.
Näkemystä ja sommittelua.
Hienoa musta-valkoista - väriäkin.
Tervehtien Eko
Susirajalta Kuusamosta...